We are capable of converting resins, into Multi-Layer Films of LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE & PP. Our Extruders provide consistent high quality Films to suit the inherent properties of different products.

Extrusion Coating tecknology
We are able to extured a very thin of PE layers to be coated at the same time with paper and some other films.

Up to 8-Color Rotogravure and Flexo Graphic Central Impression Press which offers a high quality print. Its versatility allows us to print with various dimensions as per the requirement of our customers.

The Lamination Machine, operating with quality adhesives, offers strong lamination bonds between various substrates such as: BOPP, Metalized BOPP, CPP, Nylon, Polyester, Paper, Aluminum Foil combinations etc.

Converting parent laminated rolls into individual ones, our highly precise Slitting Machines provide high speed conversions; thus, reducing slitting time.

We are able to emboss on aluminum foil for chocolate and different shapes that maybe used for some insulation and construcion materials.